About Lakeside Water District

Lakeside Water District Mission Statement

Lakeside Water District is committed to providing its customers with high quality water, fairly priced, and served through an efficient and reliable water system.



Lakeside Water District History 

The District was organized as the Lakeside Irrigation District in 1924. Its source of water was ground water and a connection to the Cuyamaca Water Company. The District’s function was primarily as an agricultural water provider. In 1980, the District changed its name to the Lakeside Water District. In 2006 Lakeside and Riverview Water Districts consolidated. Lakeside WD is a single purpose agency providing retail domestic water service. The District serves approximately 17.6 square miles of the unincorporated community of Lakeside, including the areas of Eucalyptus Hills, Moreno Valley, Muth Valley and Wintergardens, with a population estimated at 35,000. Lakeside Water District has approximately 125 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 2” to 20”, 10 reservoirs, 9 pump stations, 1 Hydro-pneumatic pressure zone and three groundwater wells feeding a 1.2 million gallon per day dual media filtration plant.