Directions to complete the application for water service

Address of new water service in Lakeside. 90% of Lakeside is served by Lakeside Water. If not sure, call the district office during business hours M-F 730am-4pm, 619-443-3805, or check the map here.

Type of account. Single Family, Multi-Family, or Commercial.

To Pay your deposit- Click the blue link that says Click to Pay Deposit under Type of Account, a payment screen will pop up.  Make your payment and note your confirmation to put in the next box marked Confirmation Number of Payment.

Note: Do not put your credit card number in the Confirmation of Payment Box

Bill to Name is the name you want on the Account, it CAN be a business name.

Application Type- Please indicated if you are the owner of the PROPERTY or if you are renting the property.  If you own the business but NOT the property you would NOT put Owner. If you are a Tenant have the owner sign the Owner Acknowledgement Form.

Phone number to contact you.

E-Mail to contact you.

Social Security Number. This is a required field. If you are a business please use your EIN number.

Contact Info or Additional Information- Any pertinent information like if you want your bills sent to another address or anything else you want us to know.

Start Water Service on Date. This is the date you want to start water service. It must be a business day and if same day service application must be submitted before noon.

Signature – Type your full name. Click Submit.

Once you make your payment and submit the application you will receive a confirmation email from the office that it was received. If you submit the application after hours the office will respond the next business day.