Board of Directors

The powers of the District are vested in a Board of Directors consisting of five members who are chosen by voters from five separate divisions. The Board of Directors have a public meeting once a month typically on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the district office.  The Directors choose the officers, management staff, attorney, secretary and establish procedures for the employment of all personnel. They fix policies and procedures which relate to the actions taken by and the services rendered by the District. Our Board Members are:

Director Name – Division Map  –  Current Term

  •  Eileen NeumeisterDivision 1   –   Dec. 2020 – Dec. 2024
  •  Pete JenkinsDivision 2  –   Dec. 2022 – Dec. 2026
  •  Frank HillikerDivision 3  –   Dec. 2022 – Dec. 2026
  •  Steve Robak – Division 4  –   Dec. 2020 – Dec. 2024
  •  Steve JohnsonDivision 5  –   Dec. 2020 – Dec. 2024

                Division Map

California Form 806 – Public Official Appointments

Newly Elected Board Members Sworn in at December Meeting

Congratulations goes to two incumbent board members who were sworn in to serve new four year terms at our December 6, 2022 Board of Director’s meeting. Division 2 incumbent Director Pete Jenkins was sworn in for his fourth term to serve Division 2, which includes the eastern area of the District from the central portion of Lakeside east to Lake Jennings Park Road and east of Los Coches Road. Director Jenkins is a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, and has been a valuable asset during his time serving the district. He looks forward to implementing effective solutions to increase groundwater production, in addition to asset management and controlling water rates. Our second director sworn in, is seven term board member Frank Hilliker, representing Division 3, located east of Wintergardens Blvd and to the southerly and western area of Los Coches Road into the Via Diego and Gay Rio area. Director Hilliker is also serving his third six year term as the District’s representative on the San Diego County Water Authority Board and is currently Secretary of the Water Authority Board. The San Diego County Water Authority serves as the County’s water wholesaler and the 36-member board is instrumental in maintaining a stable and cost effective water supply to the Water Authority’s 24 member agencies in San Diego County. Director Hilliker is the president of Hilliker Egg Ranch and is active in many organizations in Lakeside and East County, also representing farmers at the State level. Frank is committed to controlling water rates and strives to fulfil his goals on both the Lakeside WD Board and the Water Authority Board, and looks forward to maintaining the Districts infrastructure with an efficient and cost effective District operation. Good luck to Pete and Frank as they enter their new terms to serve the community and the Lakeside Water District.