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2.6-1 The District shall discontinue water service for nonpayment of water or other district charges after 60 days delinquent.


Non-payment as used herein shall mean the failure of the customer to pay all past due water charges by the due date of the past due notice or other notice from the District of pending shut-off.

Turn-off shall mean the discontinuance of service at an address by turning off and/or locking a meter; or the removal of a meter.


See Section 2.3 – Customer Billing and Collections – Water Accounts


Any customer’s account which remains unpaid for 60 days beyond the delinquency date will be subject to turn off.

2.6-4(A)           Notices

  1. After a late payment charge has been added, final notices shall be prepared for all delinquent accounts indicating the total amount due, and the final date for payment to avoid shutoff.
  2. For residential service the following notices will be provided prior to turn off.

             a. The district will provide a mailed notice to the customer at least 15 days before discontinuation of water service. The notice will include:

i. Customer’s name and address

ii. Past due amount

iii. Date by which payment or arrangement must be made to avoid the disconnection

iv. Process to apply for an amortization agreement

v. Process to dispute or appeal bill

vi. District phone number and address

b. Under the following circumstances, the district will also send a notice to the occupants of the service address at least 10 days before discontinuation of water service: (1) when water is provided through a master meter; (2) when water is provided through individually metered service to a single-family residence, multi-unit residential structure, mobile home park, and the owner, manager, or operator is the customer of record; or (3) when the customer of record’s mailing address is not the same as the service address. The notice will be addressed to “Occupant,” will contain the same information as the notice to the customer, and will inform the occupants that they have the right to become customers of the district without paying the amount due on the delinquent account. Terms and conditions for occupants to become customers of the district are provided in subsection (F). If the district is unable to provide mailed notice to occupants of a master-metered residential property, the district will make an alternative good faith effort to provide the notice to the occupants.

c. The district will also make a reasonable, good faith effort to contact the customer of record or an adult person living at the service address in person or by telephone, or by written notice at least seven days before discontinuation of service. The district will offer to provide a copy of this policy and to discuss options to avert discontinuation of water service.

d. If the district is unable to make contact with the customer or an adult person living at the service address in person or by telephone, the district will make a good faith effort to leave a notice of imminent discontinuation of service and a copy of this policy in a conspicuous place at the service address. The notice and copy of this policy will be left at the residence at least 48 hours before discontinuation of service.

  1. For all other services, including commercial, the district will attempt to notify the premises of the pending termination at least 10 days before actual shutoff.

2.6-4(B)           Circumstances in Which Service Will Not Be Discontinued

  1. The district will not discontinue residential water service for nonpayment under the following circumstances:

a. During the investigation of a customer dispute or complaint received by the delinquency date.

b. During an appeal under Section 2.3. Customer Billing and Collections – Water Accounts.

c. During the period of time in which a customer’s payment is subject to a district-approved extension or other payment arrangement and the customer remains in compliance with the approved payment arrangement.

  1. In addition, residential customers who meet all three of these conditions will not be shut off:

a. Customer demonstrates that he/she is financially unable to pay within the district’s normal billing cycle. and

b. The customer, or tenant of the customer, submits certification from a licensed primary care provider that the discontinuation of service will be life threatening or pose a serious threat to health and safety of a resident of the premises, and

c. The customer is willing to agree to an extension or enter into an amortization agreement.

If a customer meets the three conditions outlined above and needs additional time to pay the unpaid balance, they must contact the customer service department before the discontinuation of service. Prior to shutoff, the customer will be required to submit a letter from a licensed primary care provider and evidence of financial inability to pay. Evidence may include: (a) documents showing that a member of the customer’s household is a current recipient of CaIWORKS. Cal Fresh, general assistance, Medi-Cal, Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment Program, or California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, or (b) a statement signed under penalty of perjury that the household’s annual income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Once the amortization agreement or extended payment date is in effect, the customer must pay all future bills by the due date. Failure to pay all future bills by the due date terminates the amortization agreement or extended payment date and all unpaid balances become due immediately. Further, if the customer is delinquent on an amortization payment, extended payment, or his or her current water bills for 60 days or more, water service may be terminated after posting a five-day notice of intent to turn off water service. The final notice will not entitle the customer to any investigation or review by the district. Amortization may not exceed 12 months without general manager approval and requires customers to keep all future billings current. See Section 2.3, Customer Billing and Collections – Water Accounts.

  1. When a check, auto-pay or online payment is not honored by a customer’s bank, the account shall be considered unpaid and subject to turnoff.
  2. Unpaid balances for damage to district property or miscellaneous charges many result in the discontinuance of water service.

2.6-4(C)           Turn Off of Water Accounts

  1. When the meter is locked, all costs associated with damage to district appurtenances will be at the accounts holder’s expense. This includes replacement cost for a broken or missing lock and cut lock charges per Service Charges 2.13.
  2. At the time service is discontinued, a notice will be posted at the meter advising of the District’s action. The notice shall contain the account number, the amount due, and the address of the District’s Administrative Office where payments will be accepted.

2.6-4(D)           Reinstatement of Water Service

  1. If a customer does not have sufficient funds for full payment of the bill, water service may not be restored pursuant to Government Code Sections 60372-60374.
  2. Payment of all charges, including any field service calls, as outlined in Section 2.13, will be required for restoration of service. Additionally, as outlined in Section 2.5, a deposit may be required for restoration of service.

2.6-5(E)          Follow-up After Turnoff

If service has been discontinued, a follow-up investigation will be made to insure that the service is in an inoperative status.

If the service has been tampered with, the meter will be removed immediately and the appropriate charges will be added to the account. Service will not be restored until the account is paid in full.

After the meter has been pulled, a follow-up investigation will be made again to insure that the service is in an inoperative status.

If the service has been tampered with again, the service will be terminated at the water main and the appropriate charges will be added to the account. Additionally, a lien will be filed on the property, and law enforcement authorities will be notified. Service will not be restored until the account is paid in full.

2.6-4(F)          Procedures for Occupants or Tenants to Become Customers of the District

This subsection (F) will only apply when a property owner, landlord, manager or operator of a residential service address is listed as the customer of record and has been issued a notice of intent to discontinue water service due to nonpayment.

  1. District will make service available to the actual occupants if each occupant agrees to the district’s terms and conditions of service and these rules and regulations. Notwithstanding, if one or more occupants are willing and able to assume responsibility for subsequent charges to the account to the satisfaction of the district, or if there is a lawful, physical means of selectively discontinuing service to occupants who have not met the requirements of the district’s rules and regulations, the district will make service available to the occupants who have met its requirements.
  2. In order for the amount due on the delinquent account to be waived, an occupant who becomes a customer must verify that the delinquent customer of record is or was the landlord, manager or agent of the dwelling. Verification may include a lease or rental agreement, rent receipts, government document indicating that the occupant is renting the property, or information disclosed pursuant to Section 1962 of the Civil Code, at the discretion of the district.
  3. If prior service for a period of time is a condition for establishing credit with the district, residence and proof of prompt payment of rent for that period of time is a satisfactory equivalent.

2.6-4(G)          Contact Information

For questions or assistance regarding your water bill, the district’s customer service staff can be reached at (619) 443-3805. Customers may also visit the district’s customer service desk in person, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on district holidays

2.3-3(C)           Disputed Bill Procedure

  1. Any customer desiring to contest the validity of his bill shall, on or before the delinquent date, notify the Lakeside Water District Customer Service Department. If a Customer Service Representative is unable to satisfy the customer, his claim may be reviewed by the Review Manager.
  2. The Review Manager shall be designated by the General Manager. The decision of the Review Manager shall be final unless, within seven (7) calendar days of the decision, the customer appeals by filing in writing with the General Manager a request to have the decision reviewed. The General Manager shall respond in writing within seven (7) calendar days to the customer’s appeal.
  3. In the event that the General Manager’s response is not satisfactory, the customer, within seven (7) calendar days, may request a review by the Board of Directors. The customer shall be informed of the time and place for appearance before the Board.
  4. A decision by the Board of Directors shall be final.
  5. Service shall not be discontinued during the period the validity or accuracy of a bill is being contested. When a decision has been reached, all charges and penalties shall be paid by the due date for the bill or seven (7) calendar days from the decision, whichever is the latter, to assure continued service.
  6. Under extraordinary circumstances a customer with a low usage history that has a large leak may receive a onetime adjustment (no more than one time in two years) the difference between the highest tier rate and the standard water rate. The leak must be fixed by the customer and verified by a work order. This adjustment will only be allowed if Lakeside Water District is meeting or exceeded the conservation goals set at the time of the extraordinary circumstance. The Review Manager shall make the decision if a credit can be given for an extraordinary circumstance in which such decision shall be final.

2.3-3(D)           Notification of Water Rate Increases

The District shall notify customers at least 30 days in advance of pending water rate increases.

2.3-3(E)           Property Owner Responsible for Charges

In accordance with state law, the ultimate responsibility for payment of charges for water and other services shall be the owner of the land for which the water or other services were provided. The District shall make a reasonable effort to collect from the tenant or occupant of property prior to collecting from the property owner, or filing a lien on said property (CA Water Code Section 25806).

Lakeside Water had 4 water shut-offs due to account delinquency from calendar year 2023.