Notice of Public Hearing


Notice is hereby given that the Lakeside Water District Board of Directors will hold a [OAR1] public hearing on October 5, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as may practicably be heard, at its offices located at 10375 Vine Street, Lakeside, CA 92040. The purpose of the hearing is to present information concerning “meter service charge” increases and to hear objections, protests or comments from the public about the proposed and recommended water meter charges as specified below. A meter service charge is a standard bi-monthly (every two months) charge applied to all customers regardless of how much water is used.  It is based on the size of the meter that provides the water service.  The charge allows the District to recover a portion of its total fixed costs to operate and maintain the water system.  The charge serves to recover costs for customer service, meter readings, repair and replacement of meters, services, valves, meter boxes, as well as costs associated with maintaining, repairing, and upgrading fire hydrants as permitted by Government Code 53750.5, among other costs related to the provision of water service.  Your total bill is a combination of the meter service charge and the commodity charge (which is a unit charge for the amount of water used).   Following the public hearing, the Board will consider adopting increases in the fees for water services, specifically, increases to the “Bi-monthly Meter Service Charges”. If adopted, the increases would take effect on January 1, of 2022.

This notice is being provided to you by Lakeside Water District (Lakeside) pursuant to California Constitution Article XIIID (also known as “Proposition 218”). Under the terms of Proposition 218, Lakeside is required to notify the property owners of record of proposed increases to property-related fees, such as water service.


The projected amount of the “Meter Service Charge” increase is as follows: Meter Service Charge increase

Meter SizeCurrent Bi-Monthly Rate 2021Bi-Monthly Rate 2022Additional / Month
1 1/2″$33.93$39.02$2.54
Fire Service$25.07$28.83$1.88

At the October 5, 2021 public hearing, the Board of Directors shall only take action on the proposed meter service charge increase which shall become effective January 1, 2022.  The Board of Directors shall hold separate duly noticed public hearings for each of the following substantive increases proposed in the meter service charge increase plan reflected above, and may thereafter approve the next proposed increase prior to implementing any such increase.


The proposed meter service charge increase is necessary in order to adequately recover the increasing costs for water service related to the District’s projected Capital Improvement Projects, the District’s 100-year Asset Management Plan, and to avoid depletion of reserves because of the persistent budget deficit. More information regarding the District’s Capital Improvement Projects, the Asset Management Plan, and the District’s reserves will be presented at the public hearing.  The projected revenue increase at the end of the first full year will be $107,032. The increase will allow the projected Capital Improvement Plan to funded to within 60% to 75% of the projected costs if a four-year plan is implemented. The funding gap is projected to be smoothed by fluctuations in other revenue sources, combined with probability of spending less that projected capital expenditures in some years.  By planning for the future and setting aside monies to pay for the inevitable repair and replacement of infrastructure such as pipes, pumping stations and treatment facilities, the District can avoid large one-time rate spikes to its customer rates and charges.

The chart below reflects the District’s total needs versus the revenue anticipated to provide water services, including the proposed meter service charge increases.

Fiscal     YearAdmin, Ops & Maint.Water PurchasesCapital ImprovementTotal ExpensesTotal RevenueBudget (Deficit)/Surplus
 2020/21$3,858,178$4,756,668$1,319,000$  9,933,846$  9,017,415$   (916,431)
 2021/22$3,509,735$5,239,070$1,829,000$10,577,805$  9,496,328$(1,081,477)
*2022/23$3,579,930$5,396,242$2,294,000$11,270,172$  9,781,218$(1,488,954)
*2024/25$3,724,559$5,724,873$1,454,000$10,903,432$10,376,894$   (526,537)


As reflected above, even with the proposed increases, the District is still recovering less than the anticipated total costs necessary to provide water service.  Despite the proposed increase plan, the District’s rates and charges will remain the lowest among retail water agencies in San Diego County.


Any customers or property owners within the Lakeside Water District service area may file a written protest for the proposed rate increases by sending a letter to Lakeside Water District at 10375 Vine Street, Lakeside CA 92040. Protest letters may be mailed, or delivered in person before the public hearing in order to be considered by the Board of Directors.  Protest letters received by no later than 5:30 p.m. on October 5, 2021 will be tabulated and presented to the Board of Directors at the public hearing regarding the rate increase.  This public hearing shall be held on October 5, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in the Lakeside Water District’s Board Room, 10375 Vine Street, Lakeside, CA.  

A valid protest letter must include your name, the address at which you receive service from Lakeside Water District, a statement of protest and your original signature.  If you wish to challenge a particular aspect of the proposed increase, such as the methodology for calculating the proposed increase, you should include that challenge in your statement of protest.  If you challenge the matter in court, you may be limited to challenging only those issues regarding the manner, method, costs or other matters concerning the basis of the rates which you or someone else raised in your protest at, or prior to, the public hearing.

Any customers or property owners may appear at the hearing to make oral comments regarding the proposed rates as previously described. The Board of Directors will hear and consider all properly presented written protests to the proposed rate and fee increases at the public hearings.  Oral comments at the public hearings will not qualify as formal protests unless accompanied by a written protest.  Upon the conclusion of each public hearing, the Board of Directors will consider adoption of the proposed charges and fee increases. If written protests against the proposed charges and fees are not presented by a majority of the property owners or customers of the identified parcels upon which the charges and fees are proposed to be imposed, the Board of Directors will be authorized to adopt the proposed charges and fee increases.