Job Openings

UTILITY WORKER TRAINEE  –  $3,726per month

Lakeside Water District seeks a Utility Worker Trainee who is motivated, hardworking & reliable. The chosen candidate(s) have the potential to become Utility Worker 1 rated within a year of successful employment. Must be capable of heavy physical labor, outdoors in extreme weather conditions at all hours. Underground utility or mechanical experience a plus. Valid Calif. Driver’s license and a good driving record required. Must be able to respond to District within 15-minute driving time. Submit a Lakeside Water District application along with your high school or college transcript along with a DMV printout to 10375 Vine Street, Lakeside, CA 92040 Applications may be accessed at The full-time position offers paid medical, dental, and life insurance and has a generous retirement package.  Application.



Part-Time Meter Reader & Landscape Clean-up $17.50 per hour

Lakeside Water District seeks a Part-time meter reader who is motivated, hardworking & reliable. Must be capable of walking 3 to 5 miles while bending, stooping, and being alert while outdoors in extreme weather conditions. Valid California Driver’s License & a good driving record required. A District application is required and is to be delivered to 10375 Vine St., Lakeside, CA 92040. Application.


Construction Jobs

Summary of bids – Emerald Grove Ave. Pipeline Replacement Project 

Cass Construction Inc                       $1,925,544
SRK Engineering                                   $1,944,752
El Cajon Grading                                   $1,948,104
LB Civil Construction                         $1,979,138
KAY Construction                                $1,996,298
S.C. Valley Engineering, Inc.            $2,423,387
J.R. Filanc                                                  $2,485,774
Ahrens Mechanical                              $2,682,863


Summary of bids – Sherman Reservoir Wood Roof Removal Project 

M-Rae Engineering, Inc.                    $ 73,244
Whillock Contracting                         $116,510
HSCC Inc.                                                   $119,572
New Century Construction Inc.    $129,400
Spiess Construction Co. Inc.           $223,780


Summary of bids – Valle Vista, Serena, and Vista Camino Pipeline Replacement

Capriati Construction Corp.            $982,697

Southland Paving, Inc.                     $1,215,319

Blue Pacific Engineering Construction  $1,348,322

Cass Construction Inc.                     $1,363,655

Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                        $1,460,663

TC Construction Inc.                         $1,632,493

Wier Construction                            $2,244,312


Summary of bids – Almond Rd Pipeline Replacement

   Cass Construction Inc.                    $946,103

   El Cajon Grading & Engineering   $972,555

   Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                      $1,170,000

   Ramona Paving & Construction    $1,398,000

   Piperin Corporation.                        $1,561,880



S.C. Valley Engineering, Inc.                   $552,640
Underground Pipeline Solutions Inc.    $617,529
Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                                 $718,276
Piperin Corp.                                                $750,050
GRFCO, Inc.                                                  $792,050

Summary of Bids for the Coating and Paint Repair for Three Water Storage Reservoirs Project

J Colon Coatings, Inc.                                                                                $ 200,140
Paso Robles Tank, Inc.                                                                             $ 207,750
NTS Inc.                                                                                                         $ 227,609
Spiess Construction            Co. Inc.                                                      $ 243,930
Advanced Marine Preservation, LLC                                                 $ 279,246