Job Openings

Part-Time Meter Reader & Landscape Clean-up $17.50 per hour

Lakeside Water District seeks a Part-time meter reader who is motivated, hardworking & reliable. Must be capable of walking 3 to 5 miles while bending, stooping, and being alert while outdoors in extreme weather conditions. Valid California Driver’s License & a good driving record required. A District application is required and is to be delivered to 10375 Vine St., Lakeside, CA 92040. Application.


Jobs Posted for Bidding 

Johnson Lake Reservoir Floor Replacement

Bid Date October 19, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.  Pre-bid meeting  September 28 at 10:30 a.m.


Vine Street Well 5 Rehabilitation Project 

Bid Date October 20, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.  No Pre-bid meeting. Questions to Bryan Bondy Consulting at 805-212-0484.


Plans are available at the following on-line plan rooms.



Construction Jobs

Summary of bids – Emerald Grove Ave. Pipeline Replacement Project 

Cass Construction Inc                       $1,925,544
SRK Engineering                                   $1,944,752
El Cajon Grading                                   $1,948,104
LB Civil Construction                         $1,979,138
KAY Construction                                $1,996,298
S.C. Valley Engineering, Inc.            $2,423,387
J.R. Filanc                                                  $2,485,774
Ahrens Mechanical                              $2,682,863


Summary of bids – Sherman Reservoir Wood Roof Removal Project 

M-Rae Engineering, Inc.                    $ 73,244
Whillock Contracting                         $116,510
HSCC Inc.                                                   $119,572
New Century Construction Inc.    $129,400
Spiess Construction Co. Inc.           $223,780


Summary of bids – Valle Vista, Serena, and Vista Camino Pipeline Replacement

Capriati Construction Corp.            $982,697

Southland Paving, Inc.                     $1,215,319

Blue Pacific Engineering Construction  $1,348,322

Cass Construction Inc.                     $1,363,655

Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                        $1,460,663

TC Construction Inc.                         $1,632,493

Wier Construction                            $2,244,312


Summary of bids – Almond Rd Pipeline Replacement

   Cass Construction Inc.                    $946,103

   El Cajon Grading & Engineering   $972,555

   Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                      $1,170,000

   Ramona Paving & Construction    $1,398,000

   Piperin Corporation.                        $1,561,880



S.C. Valley Engineering, Inc.                   $552,640
Underground Pipeline Solutions Inc.    $617,529
Burtech Pipeline, Inc.                                 $718,276
Piperin Corp.                                                $750,050
GRFCO, Inc.                                                  $792,050

Summary of Bids for the Coating and Paint Repair for Three Water Storage Reservoirs Project

J Colon Coatings, Inc.                                                                                $ 200,140
Paso Robles Tank, Inc.                                                                             $ 207,750
NTS Inc.                                                                                                         $ 227,609
Spiess Construction            Co. Inc.                                                      $ 243,930
Advanced Marine Preservation, LLC                                                 $ 279,246