Water Rates

 The METER CHARGE is a standard bi-monthly charge which varies with the size of the meter. The charge is made to recover the cost of customer service, meter readings, repair and replacement of meters, services, valves, meter boxes, etc., by meters of various sizes. All permanent meter installations shall be subject to the following base charges whether or not water is used.

Meter Size   Meter Charge

CWA/IAC Charge 2024

5/8″   19.84 8.64  
3/4″   24.38 8.64  
1″   33.39 13.90  
1 1/2″   48.78 26.13  
2″   86.63 45.28  
3″   143.40 83.60  
4″   198.38 142.77  
6″   243.51 261.14  
Det   36.04    
Const.   99.19    

*For land outside the District all water service charges shall be doubled.

Billings covering a service period of one month or less shall be billed for one half the standard meter charge. Billings covering a service period of more than one month shall be billed the full standard meter charge.

COMMODITY CHARGE: Effective 1/1/2024 Billing Dates

Commodity Charge is a unit charge for the amount of water used. This charge includes water purchases, treatment, pumping, and other costs attributable directly to the amount of water used. (2x standard rate for outside of the District).

Water Rates $/Unit

 Lifeline 0-12 = $5.55 

 Standard 13+= $5.64


One Unit  =  748 gallons

One single family averages 24 units bimonthly.

For the cost of new meter installation fees please refer to Meter Installation Charges.